Knitting contest
On April 21, 2024, we held a knitting competition together with the charitable organization "Granny's Tangle".
The event was positioned for the Foundation’s wards, but women who were simply interested in knitting also applied for participation.
The “Granny's Tangle” foundation has existed since 2018 and is engaged in bringing grandmothers back from underground passages to their homes, inviting them to knit socks, mittens, toys and other products, which they subsequently sell and pay the women a reward. And currently the fund supports SMO participants, and some of the warm clothes they wear are sent to the fighters.

During the 3 hours that the competition took place, octopuses and socks for children were knitted. Octopuses are toys that provide therapeutic benefits and help premature babies survive.

The winner in the “knitting” category was Elena Vladimirovna Rudenko, and the winner in the “crocheting” category was Maria Mikhailovna Polyakova.

The winners received diplomas and gift certificates.

The knitted octopuses were donated to the "Right to a Miracle" fund for helping premature babies, and the socks were donated to children from orphanages in Donbass.

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